How to support deaf learners in the mainstream

You may be a teacher who has a deaf child in your regular classroom. Or you may be a parent who wants your child’s school to understand more about how complex it is to support deaf children. Here’s a resource pack for you.

maori girl signing villageI came across this excellent resource distributed by the NZ Ministry of Education. While it is in a New Zealand context, many of the points raised are suitable for any school setting aiming to include a deaf learner in ‘normal’ programmes.

  • How to use visual information in the classroom
  • Deaf children think differently: how to support thinking in the classroom
  • How to improve social interaction between peers

Check the resource out at 

These are valuable goals, however full inclusion is difficult to achieve. Children learn best when they are with similar likeminded peers. There should be interaction with other deaf learners where possible.

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