Get under the skin of a Wolf

How can you act like a wolf? People using sign language can do it very well.

They get under the skin of a wolf. They narrow their eyes and snarl. They become THE Wolf. Here’s how.

French Sign language company Signes de Sens have proposed an innovative way to integrate animation and sign language through the telling of a children’s story.

Isabelle creates the wolf’s paws. She then explains how to move our shoulders to walk like a wolf, with steath.

With this technique, children can learn basic facial expressions, emotions and movement.

They can tell a story using their body.

The use of sign language and gesture is a step above basic theatre workshop techniques. It adds value.

The children’s book is in French, but it is very visual. Any child whether they are English or Spanish, deaf or hearing will be able to enjoy the book and DVD.

I am into creating stuff like this. For more digital books using visual gestures go to the Signes des Sens website.

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