An Argument for Visual Literacy

An image of an marble statute of Aristotle

We have communicated information in visual ways for thousands of years. But somewhere along the line, we forgot how. Find out why! 

4,000 years ago, we wrote in pictures. Then suddenly we found it more fascinating to talk. This presentation explains why….

Today, the visual is making a comeback as an important way to communicate information. The interpreting of visual images is called Visual Literacy. Trouble is, are we skilled enough to interpret these visual images because we could be reliant on sound and speech?

2 thoughts on “An Argument for Visual Literacy

    • True that. We need to use good quality technology tools that promote learning and there is much that is rubbish! But technology is essential for learning too and that’s the point of the presentation. We need to learn visual literacy skills to interpret visual images and videos online. To understand how a tweet of a picture links with its content. This is an skill we need for today’s world.

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