21st century learningiPads, e-books, mobile learning, digital storytelling, games, and interactive technology…

All this is part of an new area called Educational Technology.

Educational Technology looks at the link between technology and learners, how they learn, how we can design the best learning situations for them and how we can make sure everything works. It is part of the future of education for children.

And, deaf childrenĀ are visual learners! So Educational Technology is a great area to dive into to realise the potential of visual communication in education for all children.

In this blog I’ll be looking at:

  • How new educational technology can benefit children and adults and sharing resources
  • The power of Visual communication and storytelling
  • How we can use sign language to improve the visual nature of resources
  • How culture can influence the creation of good quality materials
  • What are the best teaching practices to use with deaf children and adults
  • The age old question of Accessibility – what it really means for deaf people and the new tools we can use
  • The future of E-Learning and the deaf community

To contact me, send an email to playbyeye@gmail.com

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