What I do

I specialise in project management and resource development for children and adults. Check out the projects that I have been involved in creating and managing.

Open Sign – Open Sign is an European Platform with dedicated educational resources for deaf children aged 7-13. I managed the strategic, quality assurance and content creation sides of the project, working with 5 European countries 


The Buzz – a website for UK deaf young people aged 8-18 which I managed for three years. I built up the membership list to approximately 1,500 deaf young people and got them involved in creating content on a daily basis 

The Buzz - a website for UK deaf young people aged 8-18
Art Pi Junior – a magazine for young Art creatives in France where I was involved in co-editing pages for young deaf children 

Art Pi Jr Prehistoric art pg 3 and 4 array

Look Smile Chat – I managed this fantastic project including awareness films for teenagers and lesson plans for teachers about being deaf. Look smile chat lesson plans and films images
Awareness Week – I was the National Co-ordinator of the first ever New Zealand Sign Language Week in New Zealand 

NZSL Week 2007 website and poster image

Motion Capture Avatars –  I worked with a French company to create and present an Avatar using 5 languages, British, New Zealand, American, French and International Sign Languages
An avatar signs technology
E-Learning: In partnership with La Parole Aux Sourds, I user tested and perfected a series of French E-Learning modules to launch standard 

Learning Activity Development with the Visual Language and Visual Learning Centre – creating lesson plans to link with an original ASL storybook app with a foundation of practice based research 

Here is the curious little girl from the Baobab story
I love working with children and developing creative stuff. Picture of website author I can help you with:

  • Strategic development 
  • Project Management 
  • Research (and making research accessible)
  • Presenting 
  • Using Educational Technology 
  • Developing, writing and editing material for children and adults using visual learning techniques
  • E-Learning – developing and perfecting via user testing and journeys
  • Evaluation: How to make sure what you are doing works 

Contact me to discuss how we can make your project as educational and as creative as possible!

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